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    HUD-E702 Series Climate Chamber
    HUD-E706 Series Sand Dust Test Chamber
    HUD-E710-1 Water Drip Test Chamber - IPX1&2
    HUD-E710-2 Water Spray Test Chamber - IPX3&4
    HUD-E710-3 Water Shower Test Chamber - IPX5&6
    HUD-E710-4 Water Inmmersion Test Chamber - IPx7&8
    HUD-E710-5 High Temperature & Pressure Water Spray Test Chamb
    HUD-E802 Series UV weather test machine
    HUD-B604-S Universal Test Machine
    HUD-B609-S Tensile Test Machine
    HUD-B612-S Universal Test Machine
    HUD-B615-S Universal Test Machine
    HUD-R810 Rubber Rebound Resilience Tester
    HUD-R815 Rubber Compress Set (Method B)
    HUD-R814 Rubber Compress Set (Method A)
    HUD-R820 Rubber Low Temperature Brittleness Tester
    HUD-P806 Ross Flexing Tester
    HUD-P307 DIN Abrasion tester
    HUD-R604 Dupont Impact Tester
    Automatic Coordinate Measure Machine
    Automatic Video Measuring Machine
    Video Measuring Machine
    Profile projector
    Contact angle goniometer

Strong supporting capacity and efficient guarantee

Mechanical and electrical integration equipment research and development, production, sales and service, to provide
customers with direct prices, the best products! According to the customer andThe actual needs of
personalized customized laser equipment, to provide a strong guarantee for production!

Why choose HAIYOUDA ?

Mass Production Fast Delivery

Standard Production

Professional team, standardized assembly process, strictly follow the assembly process and assembly schedule to standardize the assembly to ensure the quality of the machine and the production schedule.

Strict Acceptance

The strict acceptance system includes hardware equipment, software installation, training and use, etc., to ensure that the machine passes customer acceptance standards and delivered on time.

Fast Delivery

Strong and efficient productivity, professional pre-sales and after-sales team can provide customers with extremely fast delivery. Can be customized Specialized after-sales service/Excellent R & D team/The factory/Fast delivery/24-hour service


Congratulations on the official
Congratulations on the official website of haiyouda
Congratulations on the official
Congratulations on the official website of haiyouda


HaiYouDa is brand under Haida Group, which located in Daojiao Town, Dongguan City ,  Dongguan Province in China. We registered our company as HUDA TECHNOLOGY PTE.LTD in Singapore. 

Haida was established in 2004 year, over 15 years in manufacturing test equipment. HaiYouDa as a new brand, which specialize in designing and making reliable test machines, such as temperature humidity test chamber, thermal shock chamber, UV weathering test chamber, Universal test ma...

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